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I am Jide Akinyemi, an African based photography artist on a mission to experience and document different weddings in every culture and corner on earth starting with Africa. I have shot hundreds of it and witnessed what it feels to be in love a countless number of times (I sometimes notice tears dropping off my eyes behind the camera during the exchange of vows at weddings)

My Journey

My journey into photography has been quite an interesting one. I found photography via serendipity while serving my country in the National Youth Service Corps, only to realize that it’s been the missing piece I have sought for all my life. My passion for the art is close to immeasurable these days. I have gracefully climbed through the ladders,  from the least possible low to where I am currently in the journey.

From being arrested for selling pictures in a mall for less than half a dollar, to photographing the visit of Presidents to Lagos, Nigeria.

From being beaten to near death for taking photographs on the street of Lagos, to dining with world Leaders. 

I have a background in Physics and these days I try to calculate the number of photons hitting the camera sensor at every given time in a bid to strengthen my cranial capacity and make my degree useful (Just kidding).

I have a unique accent all my life that wouldn’t go away which gives me the persona of a quiet person. Don’t be deceived, I am far from being quiet.

My Approach

If you are looking for a photographer to interject your happy moments just for a pose at every click through your wedding day, I am not your guy. My approach to weddings is distinctive; non-obtrusive and spontaneous, combining photojournalistic skills with creative eyes of an artist to document your wedding day in the most compelling yet natural way.

I am dedicated to creativity, superior quality, exceptional service and honest value in photography. My goal is to capture moments that give a refreshing visual narrative of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

My aim is to freeze the motions and emotions of your wedding day for you to relive.

My Interest

I love to travel and experience new cultures, foods and languages. My biggest dream is to one day be one of pioneer photographers to document on the Martian soil (if the proposed Terraforming of Mars would happen in my generation).

My Portfolio

While wedding photography is what I have come to be known for, I have done all kinds of documentary and commercial assignments; from being a personal photographer to a Governor of Lagos, photographing for the office of a Senate President to documenting the President of France during his visit to Nigeria.

I have also carried out portrait and documentary works for corporate organisations including the new generation top banks.

Feel free to ask me any other question you would love to know about me. Get in touch!

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